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        Home Innovation

        Innovation and Development

        As an international logistics company engaged in professional services, Kelway international logistics has a team of ultra precision equipment logistics and transportation experts with international advanced level. The team members are all from the master's degree or above in international trade and international logistics, and are familiar with China's "optoelectronics industry", "electronic components industry" and "VLSI chip 905 / 909 project" And other national major complete sets of equipment projects have made great contributions and had a great impact on the industry. Next, kaerwei people will continue to be committed to solving the logistics pain points of the high-tech industry, with the goal of "reducing cost and increasing efficiency" and the mission of "achieving customer success", to provide customers with reliable, safe and efficient global logistics and transportation service solutions.

        Innovation in Healthcareway Field

        Research and develop the "special MR container for zero liquid helium volatilization" to address the difficulty in "liquid helium volatilization" during the MR transportation

        In response to the high-cost problem caused by the continuous volatilization of liquid helium in the process of MR transportation for large medical imaging equipment manufacturers, care-way Logistics designed and produced the "special MR container for zero liquid helium volatilization" in 2019, which achieved the goal of zero consumption of liquid helium during the process of delivering magnet from the plant to end-users.

        Independently develop special installation tools for medical imaging equipment to improve installation efficiency

        For the high cost and low turnover of customers' special imaging medical equipment handling and installation tools, kelwei has comprehensively improved the moving in and installation efficiency of large medical equipment through the self-developed special imaging equipment installation tools.

        Independently develop the vehicle-mounted mobile CT cabin for medical treatment to contribute to China's fight against the pandemic

        During the COVID-19 pandemic prevention and control in 2020, care-way Logistics provided strong support for Philips medical facilities' transportation to and installation in Wuhan with its integrated medical logistics service team. In the meantime, care-way Logistics performed a pioneering R&D and utilization of the vehicle-mounted mobile CT cabin for medical treatment. The mobile CT cabin contains a hydraulic lifting & descending and automatic leveling system, a negative pressure adjustment system in the inspection room, a vehicle-mounted power supply system, and indoor ozone-free disinfection facilities.