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        Home Innovation

        Innovation and Development

        As an international logistics company engaged in professional services, Kelway international logistics has a team of ultra precision equipment logistics and transportation experts with international advanced level. The team members are all from the master's degree or above in international trade and international logistics, and are familiar with China's "optoelectronics industry", "electronic components industry" and "VLSI chip 905 / 909 project" And other national major complete sets of equipment projects have made great contributions and had a great impact on the industry. Next, kaerwei people will continue to be committed to solving the logistics pain points of the high-tech industry, with the goal of "reducing cost and increasing efficiency" and the mission of "achieving customer success", to provide customers with reliable, safe and efficient global logistics and transportation service solutions.

        Innovation and Superiority in Semiconductor industry

        · Possess the lithography machine transportation equipment that obtains proprietary intellectual property rights;
        · Develop the pioneering semiconductor key equipment for the intermodal maritime transportation, which is fully supported by own resources;
        · Enjoy the experience in operating lithography machines of Nikon A brand;
        · Provide import and refurbishment services for old lithography machines.