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        Home Cultural Industry

        Cultural Industry — 360° Logistics Solutions to Cultural Relics and Artifacts

        The "Highly-efficient Logistics Solutions to Cultural Relics and Artifacts" is fully based on care-way Logistics’ global talent strategic layout, reflecting the comprehensive international trade policies and customs service foundation. In the aspect of transportation, care-way Logistics leverages its own intermodal logistics and transportation advantages to match the super high standards of cultural relics and artifacts with ultra-precision instruments. In terms of talent, care-way Logistics has organized a specialized packaging technology team, and equipped with a dedicated processing workshop for cultural relics. Its advanced packaging technology in the global scope has escorted intact cultural relics during transportation. Therefore, all those advantages of care-way Logistics have comprehensively promoted the safety and efficiency of the "Highly-efficient Logistics Solutions to Cultural Relics and Artifacts".

        Logistics Service Scope for Cultural Relics and Artifacts

        1)Provide exhibition security escort, and door-to-door land-sea-air intermodal transportation services in the full flow;
        2)Provide temporary and permanent import and export customs declaration and related services for exhibits and artifacts;
        3)Provide all-round services covering unpacking, packing, exhibition arrangement and dismantlement, and warehousing of empty cases for exhibitions;
        4)Provide insurance services for artifacts during the domestic and international transportation and exhibition processes.