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        Home Civil Aviation Industry

        360° logistics solution for aviation materials

        Air material logistics is one of the main business segments of care-way Logistics, which has established customer relations with airlines, aircraft maintenance enterprises, and air material suppliers, manufacturers, traders, distributors, and leasing companies. With a professional and efficient air material logistics service team, we can provide one-stop logistics services dedicated to air materials, including comprehensive scheme design for large and special air materials, customs clearance consultation and on-site services for air materials, packaging and transportation of dangerous goods, AOG service, and hand luggage self-carrying service.

        Relying on the abundant operation experience in aviation components of all types and models, our team is capable of contributing door-to-door transportation, warehousing, and customs clearance services of equipment parts including engines, wings, and cabin doors, as well as relevant AOG guarantee. In addition to safe operations, we are committed to reducing customers' operating costs to the utmost. Unflaggingly pursuing "efficient, customer-oriented, safe, and low-cost services", we have been dedicated to offering tailor-made optimal solutions to our customers all year round. At the same time, by leveraging advanced technologies, we develop value-added services for our customers such as the customized online tracking and inquiry system in the hope of improving our services and customer experience.

        Going forward, care-way Logistics will keep abreast with the rapid development of the aviation industry, as we seek to provide professional and efficient one-stop comprehensive logistics services for our air material customers. Meanwhile, we will also bring our rich network organizations at home and abroad into full play to meet our customers' urgent needs at any time. In doing so, care-way Logistics strives to become an indispensable strategic partner for our air material customers. 

        Aircraft engine logistics operation case

        Aircraft engine logistics operation

        Hoisting case of flight simulator