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        Home Healthcareway Industry

        Healthcareway Industry —360° Logistics Solutions to healthcareway industry

        Since providing LMP services for Philips Healthcareway in the last century, the professional team of care-way Logistics officially established the business segment of medical treatment in 2013, which has been positioned as one of its strategic development fields. Through years of exploration, innovation, and accumulation and by virtue of its layout of professional logistics and international trade talent strategies as well as diversified logistics transport services, care-way Logistics, has provided versatile services including supply chain consulting, solution optimization and design, and logistics planning for medical equipment manufacturers; it also provided integrated logistics services of supply chain service products and solution system integrated logistics for the medical industry, with such services covering full-flow supply chain business scenarios including raw materials, inventory management, production line ingredient delivery, complete machine and spare parts packaging, finished product logistics, exhibition logistics, and last-mile delivery (moving in, positioning, and installation). We assemble, install, train, maintain, test and coordinate the collection and recycling of products at the end of their life cycle.Through the integration of the supply chain, we can reduce logistics costs and improve logistics efficiency for customers, seek common development and progress with customers, and ensure the lean development of each logistics link in the transportation process, thus saving logistics costs, and jointly building the corporate core competitiveness with customers.

        The last-mile equipment delivery is the most complicated part of the transportation and placement process. From the formulation of the project feasibility analysis report and professional hoisting, handling, and installation schemes, pre-operation preparations for EHS, in-operation "7S" (i.e., Seiri, Seiton, Seiso, Seikeetsu, Shitsuke, Save, and Safety) management, and rigorous abidance by the operating rules of different devices, to the follow-up punctual acceptance and delivery, care-way Logistics has always maintained a meticulous attitude to unswervingly pursue excellent development, and ensure the normal deliveries of large medical equipment.

        So far, care-way Logistics has transported and installed more than 10,000 relevant large medical facilities for thousands of hospitals. In the meantime, we have provided professional and integrated logistics solutions to medical facilities for such medical equipment enterprises as Philips, Siemens, Elekta, Bruker, and United Imaging.

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