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        Home Semiconductor Display Manufacturing

        360° Solutions to Semiconductor Display Manufacturing

        As a typical technology-intensive and capital-intensive industry, the semiconductor display industry features complex product structure, a wide variety of raw materials/accessories, a high value of goods, rapid technological upgrading, and rapid change of supply and demand, posing higher requirements for service professionalism, transportation timeliness, goods safety, real-time inventory control, and fine management in the process of logistics activities. Leveraging its professional logistics advantages, care-way Logistics provides logistics solutions covering automated material handling systems (AMHS), production process equipment (including exposure machines), raw materials (including hazardous chemicals), semi-finished products, and finished products for the semiconductor display industry. By virtue of meticulous work style, professional work experience, and logistics vehicles and equipment that meet international standards, care-way Logistics has won the praise of equipment suppliers, overseas partners, and users.

        According to the differential needs of equipment (or materials) in the LCD panel industry, care-way Logistics offers tailor-made logistics solutions and comprehensive logistics services to customers in the industry. care-way Logistics also provides a variety of services, including the design of one-stop logistics solutions, road reconnaissance, end-to-end logistics services, intermodal transportation, constant-temperature shock-absorption vehicle transportation at home and abroad, chartering (airplane & ship) services, apron goods reception at home and abroad, and domestic bonded logistics.