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        Home Semiconductor industry

        360° Solutions to Semiconductor industry

        In view of the logistics needs of China's high technology industry, care-way Logistics employs a large number of international logistics and transportation professionals; it is also proficient in all aspects of the global logistics and transportation system and has rich experience in "ultra-precision equipment" logistics services, making it capable of dealing with specific transportation issues, pioneering the transportation of ultra-precision equipment dominated by Chinese companies. Centering on the actual demand of the upstream (IC materials, manufacturing equipment), midstream (IC design), and downstream (IC manufacturing, closed testing industry) of the integrated circuit industry, care-way Logistics has been developing and innovating logistics service patterns to provide full-chain logistics solutions for the integrated circuit industry. Actively responding to national strategies, care-way Logistics learns the advanced experience from international counterparts, introduces international advanced professional transport vehicles and precision transport equipment, and works out the corresponding logistics schemes for the integrated circuit industry, serving as a logistics service provider that takes the lead in providing first-class services that meet international standards for equipment manufacturers and buyers.


        Innovation and Superiority in Semiconductor industry:

        · Possess the lithography machine transportation equipment that obtains proprietary intellectual property rights;
        · Develop the pioneering semiconductor key equipment for the intermodal maritime transportation, which is fully supported by own resources;
        · Experience in operating lithography machines imported from Japan and Europe;
        · Provide import and refurbishment services for old lithography machines.

        Lithography machine transportation case