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        What We Do

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        Care-way Logistics owns advanced warehousing facilities and equipment that can provide normal temperature, constant humidity and constant temperature, and low-temperature storage services for many industrial products, such as integrated circuit production equipment, electronic parts, auto parts, and medical equipment. Since its establishment, care-way Logistics has successively established modern warehousing facilities in Shanghai, Beijing, Tianjin, Chongqing, and Shenzhen, and provided bonded warehousing, customs declaration, and inspection services in bonded logistics parks in multiple cities, fully dedicating to providing customers with satisfactory warehousing and logistics services. The following services are available:

        • 01
          Bonded/unbonded warehousing services

          Cooperate with customs transit and clearance for various trade modes, domestic customs transfer between bonded areas, entrepot trade, customs clearance and inspection for import and export business in bonded or free trade Zone, etc.

        • 02
          Normal/constant temperature storage

          The air conditioning system that matches temperature conditions can record the temperature and humidity figures in real-time. The emergency plan has been made and improved to ensure the quality safety of the goods.

        • 03
          Value-added service

          Incoming Quality Control (IQC), sorting/packaging, material preparation for production line, labeling, bar code scanning, unpacking inspection, special packaging, inventory management, and order tracking.

        • 04
          Customer service specialist

          Provide Personalized consulting services for customers and provide professional support for daily work and emergency handling.

        • 05
          Report customization

          Provide customers with personalized report statistics (except daily inventory reports) according to their needs.