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        What We Do

        Home What We Do

        By dint of the national road transportation network platform, care-way Logistics provides quick, punctual, safe, quality, and standard road transportation services, including air-suspention truck transportation, Over-size cargo transportation, long-haul trunk allocation, regional distribution, and intra-city delivery. In the meantime, care-way Logistics integrates internal and external logistics resources to provide one-stop comprehensive logistics services and satisfy customers' personalized needs for logistics delivery. care-way Logistics has become the best strategic partner of customer supply chain management through efforts in assisting customers to improve logistics efficiency, reduce logistics costs, and enhance core competitiveness.

        Air-suspention truck Transportation

        To meet high-tech enterprises' security requirements of ultra-precision equipment and ensure the safe transportation of precision equipment throughout the process under complex road conditions, care-way Logistics has introduced the European most advanced air cushion damping vehicle models, which can realize intelligent driving and cruise control. These models (including temperature and humidity controlled box、 air suspention plate trailer) can meet the transportation requirements of different weather conditions and road conditions.

        Over-size cargo Transportation

        To meet the needs of high-tech customers to provide road transport services for out-of-gauge goods, care-way Logistics has been qualified for "road transport of heavy-cargo" and prepared various types of special low-bed trailers with the required height and sizes for the transportation of all kinds of large precision equipment, providing domestic high-tech customers with road transport services for out-of-gauge goods.

        Personalized Service

        Care-way Logistics provides personalized and integrated transportation and other logistics services for customers with special transport needs or integrated logistics needs. With a full understanding of the demand, the scheme designer, by integrating the company's internal and external resources, has optimized all logistics links such as warehousing and transportation to provide professional integrated solutions. The special project team is committed to providing customized and considerate services throughout the process ranging from sales, program design, project operation, and customer services to quality control. .