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Old World Spiritual (OWS) Systems are a form of spirituality that arises as a result of the repression of consciousness (a.k.a. the "veiling" of consciousness) and the resulting limited and partial understandings of spirit and spirituality characteristic of “veiled” (i.e., normal) consciousness.

Old World Spiritualities have limited or partial understanding of the core spiritual and creative truths of creation and are therefore limited and limiting. Accepting the conceptual and archetypal premises present in OWS results in limitations of spiritual maturation and egalitarian planetary development.

Identifying Spiritual Systems based on OWS principles is easy. Not only are all extant spiritual systems OWS systems, but OWS systems share key dogmatic statements and characteristics which, when present within the dogma and doctrine of the spiritual system, clearly and unequivocally define that system as an OWS system.

Statements that identify a system as Old World Spiritual include:

  • Statements that exclude. The good people versus the evil people. The good get rewarded, the evil are punished. Some go to heaven, others get the cosmic trash bin. Some people are worthy, some are not. Some will evolve, others are evolutionary dust. Us versus them. We versus they. Some are deserving of reward, cash, the easy life. Others need to be excluded.
  • Statements of karma, retribution, and forcible punishment. You get what you deserve. You are being punished for your sin. You need to work off karma.
  • Statements that emphasize hierarchy and justify privilege. You’re an old soul. You’re more evolved. You are chosen by God. You’re spiritually or evolutionarily special and therefore you deserve more than others.
  • Statements that belittle or disparage the human experience or the natural world. The body is irrelevant. The natural world is dirty and debased. Our experience here is degraded in some way (so called "disembodied" spirituality (Ferrer, 2006)). Our goal is purification or Spiritual Ascension (as opposed to Bodily Ascension).
  • Statements that justify the abusive application of power. It is natural and “right” to let the poor starve (i.e., survival of the fittest). God will rain down his “wrath.” Spare the “rod.” Punishment justified by “judgment.”
  • Statements of spiritual tutelage and graduation. This earth is a schoolyard, we are here to learn "lessons," to purify our souls, to learn good manners, etc. If you meet certain conditions, you’ll graduate/move to the next level/earn your wings, etc.

Characteristics that identify a system as Old World Spirituality include:

  • Lack of grounding in reality. OWS Systems are not attentive to the real conditions of 3D world, often preferring to ignore reality and present a fantasy. We often find statements like “everything is ok” when even a cursory glance at the world will reveal massive suffering, pain, violence, poverty, war, disaster, and death.
  • Lack of epistemological sophistication. OWS Systems usually proffer and prefer a single methodology. Science prefers “external” verification of truth, for example, while mysticism prefers “internal.” In truth, a combination of both is required.
  • Military-like hierarchies.
  • Sublimation of chakral energies and/or heart chakra up activation. Rejection of personal power, rejection of sexual energies, rejection of root energies, rejection of connection to the fabric, rejection of intuition/higher senses,


It is important to note that these identifiers are not inclusive. That is, not all OWS characteristics have to be present in any given system. Other statements and characteristics are possible. In general look for statements or characteristics which reject chakral energies (thereby disempowering the individual body), or that seek to direct chakra energies into negative manifestational patterns(i.e., using root and solar energies to engage in violence or acts of war, using throat energies to criticize and condemn, using third eye energies for military purposes, etc).

Characteristics may vary across time and culture.

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