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As above in consciousness, so below in matter


About the SpiritWiki

The SpiritWiki was founded by Dr. Michael Sosteric Dec. 25th 2007 and is dedicated to the unfolding/flowering of consciousness into the body. The SpiritWiki represents the world's first repository of New World or Authentic Spirituality.

The SpiritWiki is a work in progress. At this time all entries should be considered draft and subject to revision.



Citation and Legal

Treat this Wiki like an online monograph or textbook. Many of the concepts and ideas presented here are either wholly original (e.g., Spiritual Signature,Spontaneous Channeling, Fabric of Consciousness, etc.), or the definitions are significantly enhanced over their Old World Spirituality counterparts. If you use information in this Wiki, citation or direct linking is required. Please do not lift information from this Wiki without proper attribution. Citation guidelines are provided at the bottom of SpiritWiki entries.


The SpiritWiki needs volunteer editors. If you have editorial expertise, and would like to help keep these pages clean and grammatically friendly, please email [email protected]

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