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Welcome to the SpiritWiki

The SpiritWiki is intended to provide the theoretical foundation for a modern syncretic spirituality, and a spirituality sophisticated science of human life. The SpiritWiki is as much theoretical foundation as it is a portal to Awakening, Activation, and Ascension (a.k.a. Transcendence). In the context of Transcendence, The SpiritWiki is a repository of Right Knowledge offered, in this free an open manner, so that individuals may establish Right Thinking, Right Environment, and Right Action thereby moving themselves, and this planet, towards transformation.

The SpiritWiki is written like on online hyper-text-book. To begin your journey, simply enter in through one of the "Top Nodes" (listed below) and burrow your way down from there.

Note, the SpiritWiki is copyright academic work in progress. If you use the information here, cite.

Top Nodes

Theology: Theology speaks to the nature of God. The Lightning Path (LP) theology of Michael Sharp is the the LP perspective on God/Consciousness. LP Theology is outlined in Michael Sharp's Book of Light and also in the Song of Creation.

Consciousness: Consciousness is the root of all things (Sharp, 2006). Consciousness is the fundamental reality of this universe. Consciousness is awareness, compassion, power, and light. Consciousness drives Creation. Consciousness is Creation. Consciousness is what your Physical Unit was designed to contain. Consciousness is what you need to connect to.

Cosmology: Cosmology is the philosophical, religious, or scientific study of the origin, evolution (when considering scientific cosmologies), nature, and (when considering religious or spiritual cosmologies) purpose of the universe. Cosmologies answer the Big Questions and offer direction, meaning, and purpose to life.

The Physical Unit: The Physical Unit (a.k.a. PU) refers to the physical body or (more technically correct) the “container” for incarnated Monadic Consciousness. The Physical Unit is the sum total of all structures and mechanisms of the physical body. This includes the mental functions of the parabolic physical brain as it focuses, reflects, and directs monadic consciousness, as well as the limbs, internal organs, and bodily mechanisms that support its living functions..

  • Development: Development refers to the process, which begins at Conception, of creating a physical unit capable of seating high levels of consciousness (i.e. capable of a high CQ).
  • Pathology: The human physical unit is resilient, however it is not indestructible. Pathology occurs as a result of Neglect, Assault, and [[Needs|needs] deprivation. Pathology undermines function, prevents connection, and is the foundation of human Disease

The System: The System is that which enslaves you. The System undermines your self esteem, prevents your Connection to Consciousness, forces you into established social boxes, trains you into docility and compliance, and chains you to an economic system that privileges and empowers the few. The System consists of all old energy archetypes, norms, values, and institutions.

Purpose: Purpose is what you want to do. Although current conditions on this planet are designed to obscure and corrupt purpose, the true purpose of consciousness can be easily defined. Your purpose is to create a universe where Consciousness can dance, sing, and have fun for ever and ever, amen (Sharp, 2006).

Other Nodes


Authentic Spirituality:


Sharp, Michael (2006). The Book of Light - The Nature of God, the Structure of Consciousness, and the Universe Within You. Volume One - Air. Avatar Publications.

Sharp, Michael. (2016). The Book of Light: The Nature of God, the Structure of Consciousness, and the Universe Within You (Vol. Two - Water). St. Albert, Alberta: Lightning Path Press.


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