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Welcome to the SpiritWiki. The SpiritWiki is intended to provide the theoretical foundation for a spirituality sophisticated science of human life. It is as much theoretical foundation as it is a portal to Transcendence and is my contribution to the global mess we are all responsible for cleaning up.

The SpiritWiki is based on the thought, academic research, and mystical explorations of Dr. Mike Sosteric.

This is a scholarly work. Citation and attribution is required.

The SpiritWiki is organized into five "top nodes". Explore the model being developed here by entering through one of top nodes.

Top Nodes

The Physical Unit: The Physical Unit (PU) refers to the physical body or (more technically correct) the “container” for incarnated Monadic Consciousness. The Physical Unit is the sum total of all structures and mechanisms of the physical body. This includes the mental functions of the parabolic physical brain as it focuses, reflect, and directs monadic consciousness.



Connection: The goal of proper development of the Physical Unit is Connection with Consciousness.

Pathology: The human physical unit is resilient, however it is not indestructible. Pathology occurs as a result of Neglect, Assault, and [[Needs|needs] deprivation. Pathology undermines function, prevents connection, and is the foundation of human Disease



To contribute to the SpiritWiki, please contact [email protected] Please indicate your research interests, provide a brief statement of what you would contribute (original research, article expansion based on available research, etc.), and include a recent copy of your CV.