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The Sword

A Lightworker' is a Monad that has incarnated in a human body with the intention of providing assistance in bringing the Truth (with a capital "T")' to planet earth. There are currently millions of lightworkers active on planet earth all operating at different levels of consciousness. Some have been with the earth for millenia, some only since Lemuria, some only since Atlantis, and some only since the end of the "dark ages." More recently incarnated lightworkers may be referred to as Starseeds.

Anybody can be a lightworker and in fact most people come to this earth with such a mission in mind. The problem is, indoctrination into The System typically subverts our divine desire to uplift reality. We are damaged by a violent Socialization process and indoctrinated into and old world archetypal rubric that defines us as broken down rejects and limits our understanding and potential. As a result we settle into "normal" life and normal consciousness unaware of our divinity and our mission, compliant, subservient, and disempowered.

Of course, it is possible to retrieve your divinity, re-empower, and re-claim your status and mission, but it can be difficult. There are many distractions, many individuals claim to understand and will offer to lead but know not of what they speak, many will put profit above your awakening and empowerment, and some individuals actually lie and work against you. Sorting through the mine field of distraction, deception can take a lifetime.

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