Egotistical, polysyllabic, multi-metaphoric obsfucation

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Egoistical, polysyllabic, multi-metaphoric obfuscation (EPMO), a.k.a. Rocket Speak, occurs when a diminished and damaged ego uses unnecessary linguistic or metaphoric puffery to convey to others that it is superior in some way, or to convey the impression that it understands something that it does not. You often find EPMO in literary, academic, and/or intellectual circles. Linguistic EPMO is more common than metaphoric EPMO, though metaphoric EPMO does exist, especially in artistic and/or esoteric circles.

The only known cure for EPMO is a good slap in the face with a fish. Failing that, a sound giggle and some childish finger pointing often does the trick. If you are a victim of EPMO, you can self treat by repeating the following magical invocation, several times, with deep intonation, bended head, and downcast eyes, “Huck mir nisht a chynick, and I don’t mean efsher”

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